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Eyeglass styles that Superstar rocked


Eyeglass styles that Superstar rocked

A charisma that is captivating. A charm that is hypnotic. A style that shimmers with swag. A generation that applauds with fervor celebration. Superstar is a phenomenon that transcends beyond these. But there is one statement that will never cease to be trademark Superstar and that is the way he suits up in eyeglasses. An association that has made quite an imprint in our memories is how stylish eyeglasses and Superstar were often used in the same breath. Versatile with any style, here is a list of eyeglass styles that Superstar aced with ease. 

Annamalai - D-Frames

There is an announcement that Superstar is now the new President of a body. He walks into the room and takes over the post from his friend, who wronged him. A quintessential victory lap. A scene that is replete with fiery motivation. And what better option than D-Frames to bring out the essence of it. Superstar, styled up in suave D-Frames punctuates the scene with a deserved arrogance.

D-Frames are known for bringing about a stylish look but Superstar spells an entirely new look for wayfarers- that of a snarky one. 


Baasha – Temple Free Eyeglasses

Glasses without Temples. Superstar aced this look even before Morpheus from Matrix could give it a shot. One cannot possibly imagine the confrontation between Superstar and Raguvaran without these glasses. On being threatened by Raghuvaran that he had him at gunpoint, Superstar removes the temple free eyeglasses and points to a direction where several snipers had their guns on Raghuvaran. Superstar and the glasses complement each other so well that remove one from the equation and the scene loses all the fire. 

Kabali – Round Eyeglasses

An introduction sequence that is serenely powerful. Like the calm before the storm. The gate opens and you see Superstar clad in an uber-cool suit with oval sunglasses. For a scene that sums up what the Superstar spark is, Pa. Ranjith hits the bull’s eye with the right choice of eyeglasses. Superstar in those round eyeglasses resonate an energy that is mightily intense.


Padayappa – Angular Eyeglasses

Let’s say you are paying your foe a visit for getting something done from their end. A foe who is vindictive enough that they want to demean you making you bow your head down. There is no better way to react than keeping your cool and your head high. But Superstar takes it a step forth and maintains that air of sophistication. Accentuating this scene is a pair of angular eyeglasses that add an edge to the scene.

Kaala – Stylish Oval eyeglasses

Kaala is a movie full of statements. Statements that can revel in the glory of a fervent passion. Statements that bask in the drive to be just and equitable. And backing this up with his screen presence is Superstar who does a tremendous job of making these statements with enough aplomb. And backing Superstar up is a pair of stylish oval frames that add some panache.

Of course everything that the Superstar does, creates impact. And the same extends to eyewear. This is by no way an all exhaustive list and every style perfectly fits him. If you would like to see yourself in any of these eyeglasses, do visit our stores.