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Do’s and don’ts of cleaning your glasses


Do’s and don’ts of cleaning your glasses

If your eyesight isn’t the best, then your glasses are your window to the world. However, if you aren’t keeping them clean, then there isn’t much you can see through all the stains and smudges. Cleaning your glasses properly is much more than simply wiping them with a rag that’s closest to you. If you’re careless with them, you might end up scratching your lenses and making things far worse. During summer it is essential to protect your eyes and glasses. There are a few important things you need to do while cleaning your glasses and some things that you definitely shouldn’t. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep your glasses clean and smudge-free.

 Do wash your hands first 

How clean are your hands really? You touch about a dozen different things a day with your hands and don’t usually wash them after each time. When you’re handling your glasses, the last thing you want is dirt or grease from your hands transferring to your lenses. Wash your hands properly and dry them before you start cleaning your glasses. You also need to make sure you don’t use a moisturizing handwash because this could leave a residue on your hands which might smudge your lenses.

 Don’t wipe it using your shirt 

Usually, the first thing we reach for when our glasses need a quick wipe is the edge of our shirt. But while your clothes are definitely a convenient way to clean your glasses, they aren’t always the most effective. Most clothes you’re wearing have small dust particles on clinging to the material. When you rub your lenses with your clothes, these particles could cause small scratches on them. Always keep a microfiber cloth with you on hand as a backup in case your glasses every need to be cleaned.

 Do use a gentle liquid soap

If you have grease stains on your glasses, then plain water isn’t going to do the trick. Don’t be tempted to use dishwashing soap or liquid detergent either because they could damage your lenses. Most lenses these days come with a protective, anti-glare coating. When you spread harsh cleaners on your lenses, they can corrode this coating. Your safest bet while cleaning your glasses is to use a tiny drop of liquid soap. Don’t use one that has moisturizers added in it because they could leave a residue on your lenses.

 Don’t use window-cleaners on it

Your grandfather’s lenses might be made of glass, but yours are most likely plastic. Plastic lenses have nudged out glass ones because they’re more durable and lightweight. Another way they differ from glass lenses is that they cannot be cleaned the same way. If you’re spraying glass cleaners or window-cleaning solutions on your plastic lenses, you might be corroding them instead of cleaning them. Instead, you can visit Specsmakers for our ultrasonic spectacles cleaning services that make your glasses look as good as new.

 Do use lukewarm water to rinse them

Before you wipe your lenses, you need to rinse them under water first to wash away any dirt particles that might be on them. If you skip this step and wipe your glasses, you might scratch your lenses with these dirt particles. You also need to rinse your glasses after you wash them with a gentle soap. Washing off the soap properly will ensure your lenses are clear and there is no sticky residue left behind. But never use hot water on your lenses as it can cause significant damage to your lenses and their coating.

Do your spectacles need more professional cleaning than you can give them? Bring them over to Specsmakers and we will take care of them for you. Our Ultrasonic spectacles cleaning services are completely free of cost and will remove every trace of dirt from your lenses. Visit your nearest Specsmakers store and get your spectacles serviced for free! For more tips on how to care for your eyes, read about the best yoga poses to improve your eyesight. Learn about how to improve your eyesight through your diet with these eight foods that will keep your eyes healthy.