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Contact Lenses Do's and Dont's


Contact Lenses Do's and Dont's

Contact lenses are disc like materials worn to correct refractive errors and aid in improving the vision. While it is very convenient and also adds to one’s looks, contact lenses require a lot of precautionary measures and actions to be taken and adopted with regards to maintaining them.

Here are a few of the Do’s and Dont’s that you can follow:

The Do’s

Keep your hands clean by using clear, lotion-free soap to wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Hands carry dirt, germs and bacteria. Make sure you wash your hands before you touch the contact lenses – either to put them on or remove them.

Use only certified lens cleansing lotions to clean your contact lenses. And do this regularly.

Make it a habit to clean the contact lens case also regularly. Unhygienic practices can cause contamination of the contact lens case. To properly clean your case, pour out all contact lens solution from the case, rub it with a clean finger, then rinse it with fresh solution. Use a tissue to wipe it off until it is dry and store it upside down (caps, too) on a tissue paper and store your contacts in them only after they are completely dry.

Always store your contact lenses properly in a case.

Use fresh solution for soaking contact lenses in the case. Avoid adding new solution to old solution that’s already present in the case, or cleaning contact lens with water. These are known to increase the infection rate.

Follow timely replacement of contact lenses. Some disposable contact lenses are to be thrown away either every day, every other week, or monthly. Replace them on time and do not overuse the contact lenses beyond the specified time.

You may apply cosmetics only after you put on your contact lenses. Cosmetics can also leave residual contaminants and chemicals on your fingers. Therefore it is safer to apply cosmetics after wearing your contact lenses. Similarly remove contact lenses before removing make-up.

The Dont’s

Avoid using tap water to soak or rinse your contact lenses. Non-sterile waters possess microorganisms even after boiling. These can cause infections.
Avoid homemade saline solutions for lens cleaning or storage.
Avoid contact lenses while showering, bathing or swimming.
Avoid sleeping in your contact lenses unless specifically advised by your practitioner. 
Avoid sharing of contact lenses, even if the other person has the same eye power. 
Never put contact lenses in your mouth. Since the saliva is full of bacteria, it can be a potential source of infections. 
Don’t use any contact lenses that are not prescribed by your eye care practitioner. 
Don’t allow the make-up to come in contact with your contact lens. 

Apart from these measures, it goes without saying that the contact lenses you opt for, should be from the best source or brands. If your contact lenses are not from renowned brands, then all this is in vain.

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