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Checks you must do before you make an online purchase of spectacles


Checks you must do before you make an online purchase of spectacles

With e-market slowly gaining popularity as the most sought marketplace for consumers, it is no surprise that the eyewear industry is eyeing at adapting to and adopt the digital route in all fronts and not just stick with the brick and mortar model . They have made a smart choice, but what about you? What about the choices you opt for when it comes to online purchase of eyewear. Here is a guideline on the checkboxes you might need to tick before you chose an online optical store for buying eyewear

1. Technology

Not everyone can fit multifocal lenses with ease as it is a tough nut to crack. Since it is an intricate process many online retailers shy away from it. A few have the capabilities, technology and resources required to do so and in case of multifocal, especially progressives, the wise choice would be to select omni-channel retailers who possess these capabilities.

2. Brand

Opt for brands that are renowned for their trustworthiness. A trustworthy brand is certified for adherence to superior process & procedures and more probable to deliver eyewear that adhere to the required standards.

3. Quality

Make sure the retailer offers high-quality lenses with value-adds like Anti-reflective (no-glare), scratch-resistant coatings and UV protection. With regards to quality, ensure that the frames are made of good quality and grade A materials that are skin friendly and lenses are digitally surfaced.

4. Fit

Fit proves to be a big issue with glasses especially when the eyewear is not based on a precise reading of Pupillary Distance. It is recommended to go for an online optical store that considers the fitment of the eyewear, else you will be stuck with eyewear that doesn’t fit well. Not only do these cause discomfort but may actually cause vision problems and/or headaches.

5. Ease of process

Placing an order must be an easy and effortless process. When you place an online order for prescription glasses take into account factors like the immersive experience that the website gives and responsiveness of the UI. Settle for optical retailers who have websites free from frequent hangs and sign outs, slow loading and processing times as these might test your patience.

6. Price

Do a comparison of the prices and the price ranges to get a fair idea of the price difference and why the price difference. Be sure you check on how the final price and costs are arrived at.

7. Shipping

You might have placed your order in no time online, but what are the costs associated with shipping? What is the usual delivery time of the products? Do they deliver to prime locations or do they deliver to multiple locations? Do thorough checks to get answers for these before you make the purchase call.

8. Return policies

Just reading the return policy is not enough. Ensure you have a consensus ad idem of various aspects like the checks done before they initiate a return, the time within which you have to return the glasses and the time taken to replace the eyewear once the request for replacement gets approved.

9. Variety

The online optical retailer must have a wide array of options in each product category. Be it frames or lenses, the range available must be able to address the varied tastes and demands. You might be in need of more than one pair of prescription glass to suit your style and activities. If that’s the case you can’t be stuck with limited options. If the online optical retailer offers discounts on additional complete pairs, and also promises variety then you have got yourself a winner.

Apart from these also ensure that they have got a broad range of products under their umbrella like Audio Sunglasses, Power Sunglasses and more.

10. Product availability

Checks about the availability of stock, frequent refilling of stocks ensure that you don’t have to wait for ages before you get the eyewear you need. Opt for optical retailers who have got enough stock of all the products, regularly refills the fast moving stock and does not often restrict the order quantity.

11. Service

You might need some service work to get post the purchase process, like annual checkup of eye power to get the appropriate lenses, replacing the nose pad after it wears out, cleaning the space between the frame and the lens where the lens has been fitted. Settle for retailers who have got stores at multiple locations so that servicing post the purchase process does not turn strenuous.

This is not an exhaustive list and you have got more checks like mode of payments, exchange offers and others to consider when you are planning to purchase eyewear. Specsmakers is a retailer who ticks off a majority of these checkboxes with ease. Try and experience it yourself first hand at