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Are sunglasses smart? Now, they are.


Are sunglasses smart? Now, they are.

News of entries to the smart club are springing up often and sunglasses are the latest to join this club. Also known as Audio Sunglasses, these smart glasses are inducted with bone conduction technology. This post will brief about the bells and whistles that these Audio Sunglasses come with.

There are 2 ways through which humans can hear sound. The first is through air conducted or air transmitted vibrations. Normal sound waves make tiny vibrations that travel through the air into our eardrums. As a result, the eardrums vibrate, decoding these sound waves into vibrations that are received by Cochlea, also known as the inner ear. The Cochlea is connected to our auditory nerve, which transmits the sounds to our brain.

The second is through bone conduction where the sound is transmitted through the cheekbones directly to your Cochleas rather than through the air by the eardrum. In bone conduction, the device not only bypasses the eardrums but also plays the role that eardrums do. These devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so that the eardrum is never involved. The “sound” reach the ears as vibrations through the bones (or skull) and skin. This is what makes bone conduction ideal for those who suffer from hearing impairment.

Audio Sunglasses come with a few interesting tricks up their sleeve

Anti-Glare Polarized:

Direct sunlight is potentially dangerous as it not only affects your ability to see but also affects the overall health of your eyes, thanks to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Audio Sunglasses feature Polarized lenses that include special filters which absorb the horizontal light caused by the reflection of sunlight on a multitude of objects in your environment. These filters do away with over 99% of the glare that bouncing sunlight creates and also the UAV/UVB rays. They also provide for better visual comfort through superior vision clarity and reduced eye strain.

Hands-Free Communication:

These Bluetooth sunglasses feature a state of the art technology to keep you on the move. It aids you to be connected on the fly through their hands-free technology.

Better Awareness:

Audio Sunglasses, per se, don’t submerge you in a world of sound and music leaving behind no cracks for an audible perception of what is happening outside. This is a leading cause of accidents and mishaps for bikers, joggers and runners. This feature makes it ideal for bikers and those who travel by automobile frequently. These glasses can help with an increased awareness for joggers, runners and others as you can hear music and other sounds at the same time.


With trends increasingly leaning towards smart tech, AI technology, and others, amongst many, these Bluetooth glasses will keep you ahead of the curve, making forward integration a possibility.


These Audio Sunglasses can boast of easy integration with smart phones across platforms like iOS and Android.

Get yourself a pair of Audio Sunglasses and upgrade to the smart lifestyle. You can also walk into any of our stores in Chennai to experience the world of Audio Sunglasses.


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