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5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes This Monsoon


5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes This Monsoon

Monsoon is probably the most anticipated and tranquil season in the Indian subcontinent. But this pleasant period is also known for the high levels of germs and bacteria in the air due to the moist weather and high humidity. This condition often leads to many eye infections like conjunctivitis, styes, fungal infections and much more. Just like how we take precautionary measures and vigorous treatment for serious health problems, we also need to take care of our eyes as they are one of our vital sensory organs. So how do we protect our eyes from the harmful infections of the monsoons? Let’s find out.

Stay away from dirty water and dust

Do not let rain water get into your eyes. In case you get drenched, make sure you come back and take a bath with clean water or at least wash your face with clean water and soap to steer away from bacterial eye infections. In case of dust and sand storms, shield your eyes with protective sunglasses. This will help keep the dust away and protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Find your perfect pair by choosing from the plethora of options at Specmakers.

Additionally, make sure you get rid of stagnated water in and around your house. This not only adds to the bacterial content in the air, which can lead to eye infections, but it also gives rise to dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria through infected mosquitoes.

Protect your tiny tots

Kids and infections always go hand-in-hand. Make sure you protect your kid’s precious eyes during heavy rains as they are easily prone to bacterial infections. To ensure good personal hygiene, keep their hands clean with a handy sanitizer or fresh running water as eyes often get infected due to constant rubbing with dirty hands. Furthermore, build the immunity of your little ones by making them eat home-cooked meals. This will reduce the risk of eye infections and also keep them away from other dreadful diseases common during the monsoons. For more insight, check out our blog on the 8 foods that will keep your eyes healthy.

Be careful around infected places and things

Swimming pools are known to be the breeding grounds for bacteria and infection since the water is shared by a lot of people. It is a good idea to skip the pool altogether if an eye infection is in the air. Also, if you know anyone who is diagnosed with an infection or is showing the symptoms of one, make sure you do not use their towel, napkins or any other personal belongings.

Clean your contact lenses

There is a high chance you can get an eye infection from your contact lenses as you use your hands to put them on. Stay wary of bacterial contamination by making sure you clean your lenses thoroughly before wearing them. Also, ensure you wash your hands and then change your contacts to avoid infection. It is a good idea to keep a check on the expiry date of your lenses and change them as per the pre-mentioned date. While you are at it, switch your handy cloth napkins and towels with use-and-throw tissues. Tissues are more hygienic as they are always dry, clean and fresh. Contacts or glasses the choice is tough but we have made it easier for you.

Keep eye drops handy

In case you experience some redness or itchiness in and around your eyes, rinse them with cold running water. If the condition persists, make sure you consult a general physician and use some eye drops. However, it is important to have a prescription for the eye drops as over-the-counter drops may sometimes make the condition worse. If the redness and uneasiness do not go away even with the eye drops, consult an eye specialist for treatment.

Monsoons are meant to be enjoyed. Ensure you stay protected by heading out to Specsmakers for a free eye checkup and make the fullest of the beautiful rainy season.