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5-in-1 Clip-On Sunglasses: A New Look Every Day!


5-in-1 Clip-On Sunglasses: A New Look Every Day!

Summer’s here and it’s only getting hotter as the days pass. If you are looking to shield your eyes from the harsh UV rays while also looking fashionable, worry not! 2019 is the year of setting new trends and what better way to put your best foot forward than adorning a stylish pair of 5-in-1 clip-on sunglasses? These sunglasses strike the right balance between fashion and functionality - offering you the best of both worlds!

Benefits of clip-on sunglasses:

Whether its the practicality of it all, the style quotient or simply how light it is on your wallet, 5-in-1 clip-on polarized sunglasses have several benefits. Here are some of them:

A Trend Setter

As the 2019 trends are already setting in, clip-on sunglasses online are still in high demand because of its ease, versatility and style. While they were seen to be more practical in the earlier days, they are now the new rage because of the different styles they offer. So, worry not about whether these sunglasses will suit you or not - since you can choose from 5 different variations. Whether it is a sunny picnic party with your family or an impromptu trekking plan with friends, your 5-in-1 clip-on sunglasses will never disappoint.

Customise it

With clip-on sunglasses for men and women, you can customise your look any time of the day, without ever removing your eyeglasses. Whether your glasses are anti-reflective, computer BluPro, high index or progressive, you can still go ahead and clip them on with absolute ease. You can even get your pair of clip-on sunglasses online and step out comfortably! You don’t even have to take the extra effort to buy a separate pair of sunglasses with your power. Simply clip them on to your existing pair of eyeglasses, and it’s all done! 

Go Colourful

In India, apart from the classic mirror range, the clip-on polarized sunglasses are also in great demand. Whatever colour you may be looking for, Specsmakers has it for you. The greater win with these clip-on sunglasses is that you have several colours to choose from. If you want to play it subtle with grey, go classy with black or even pop it up with blue, it’s entirely your call. 

Stay Practical

The biggest USP of 5-in-1 clip-on sunglasses lies in its aspect of practicality and convenience. Some of the simplest ways to beat the heat and protect your eyes this summer could be anything from staying hydrated to wearing sunglasses that protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. Clip-on polarized sunglasses protect your eyes while helping you switch your look as you wish. You no longer have to splurge on buying the best pair of sunglasses. Instead, you could save up time and money, and opt for the most practical way out this summer. Whether you’re stepping out to meet a friend or change your look for a meeting, these sunglasses will always be your saviour. 

The 5-in-1 Factor

With Specsmakers offering you the best clip-on sunglasses in India, where else could you possibly get 5 different types of clip-on sunglasses all together? Whether you are looking for polarized sunglasses, a mirror finish or exclusive night vision, clip-on sunglasses have them all - they are extremely functional and super economical. They are easy to wear and extremely versatile as well. Simply attach or ‘clip on’ your sunglasses to your eyeglasses, and step out. With 5 different colours– Mirror Grey, Polarized Grey, Polarized Brown, Mirror Blue and Night Vision – Specsmakers has every style you could possibly want. 

5-in-1 clip-on sunglasses, therefore, are not just practical, handy and economic, but also super stylish! Head out to your nearest outlet of Specsmakers and get your pair today! You can also check out our blog on  how to maintain your vision with a good diet, since style and good vision go hand in hand.